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How many Corvids killed in 2020

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Not sure what the running total is as posts seem to have gone off kilter a wee bit. Last correctly logged qty was 643 so I'll go from there.

3 Magpies = 646

Perhaps a  mod can confirm the correct kill total........thanks muchly

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query on total
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Had 1 more today before rain stopped play.

Sat in the barn having a fag when I looked up and saw a tawny owl in the rafters having a kip. So like all idiots, I decided I'll try and climb the roof and get a nice photo and it ******** off. Can't say I blame it, it's just woke it up, and definitely thought what's this **** trying do to. Anyway can't believe I got within 7-10 mtrs of it. 

Either total with ninja ferrets 1201

Or with sha bu le 647.

Hopefully ninja will clear it up if that's his total of 1200 to be added or the total running score of the lot of us 👍


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