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How many Grey Squirrels are killed in 2020

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21 hours ago, Walker570 said:

What time was that ?  If before 7.50am then you can claim first blow:good:

If not I had one at 7.50am and then one at 8.50am


No, you have first blow Nev!.....I’ve deleted my original post..........and replaced it after yours!!lol!

So plus 2 in the garden 01/01/2020

Total = 4 (2+2)


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Had an hour to spare this afternoon and needed to pick up a camera chip, so had a sit in another hide and along came one, then two, then three and just before dusk a fourth.

Then went to pick up the camera and darn me there was another on that feeder which scarpered BUT the photos gave the info. Three are actually using that feeder so Crack of dawn Friday morning. They really are on the move.


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