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New Pup

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Finally picked up my new pup the other day, he was called Seamus but my wife took out a court order banning the name seamus, its her brother and nephews name so a total no go.

Now I am no dog expert but Webley as he is now officially called, wasn't the runt of the litter but he was quite small, he and his other sister where always pushed out the way by the other pups, What has surprised me was how quick he has settled in, almost instant, a cautious sniff here and there and then off he went, 

We have a quite large Rag Doll cat who got instantly rugby tackled by the pup but instead of shredding the pup to bits they ended up rolling around on the floor, the pup did clamp down on the cats gonads yesterday which briefly bought an end to the tussle but they where soon back jumping on each other. The cat seems to love it and waits for Webley to wander past and pounces on him. Its great to watch no malice from the cat at all which in my experience of cats is strange.

Sounds like a good thing but its how quickly he has settled in that bothers me, my last pup moped around for days, sat in his basket with the blanket the breeder gave me. took him quite a while to find his feet/paws. This little fella thinks he owns the place, confident barks at the front door when someone knocks. Basically what I am asking is am I going to have problems with him when he's older?

Silly question maybe but I have heard some dogs are difficult/impossible to train. His confidence and attitude got to admit worries me a bit.

The mother who was a French Bulldog was a bit boisterous but that's understandable you are taking her pups The father who's quite a large Staffie was the most placid dog I've seen every time we went to see the pup, Frank thats the fathers name would walk up and roll over wanting his belly rubbed. So I was wondering where this little fella has got his attitude problem from?

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Good to hear you have your new pup ,strange as it may seem maybe the cat was missing your old dog and his happy to have something back in his life ?

Wouldn't worry about the settling period my new pup was the same 2 bad nights and one of those was down to him fouling his cage good as gold since

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