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Darling step daughter has decided shed like to have a go at pony club tet, which includes a shooting element. From what I can glean it's free hand 10m. Now she's a faddy ****** so I don't want to sell a kidney to buy one and I've also got to budget for buying myself some new guns! Any recommendations for a nice accurate little gun that she can practise with and learn how to shoot and be safe at home, that isn't going to cost he earth.

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So it needs to be recoiless (ideally ) 

And singleshot .Id rule out any of the co2 pistols with the expection of the smk cp1 .a single stroke pneumatic  is a better option .they are relativley easy to load (cock the piston) and low enough in power to be quiet enough in the garden without a silencer .

Hw 75    excellent but expensive 

Gamo compact .excellent  £s not as bad .hw40 also excellent and about same £s as the gamo .

Then there are loads of hw 40 chinese copies that are just as accurate and nice and affordable .i had one years ago and it was great for plinking and paper punching .the last i looked they were around £65 .

Will try and find you one hold on .


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Of course there is always the crosman 1377 pumpup pistol. 

They are a bit long and front heavy but extreemly accurate and have variable power up to around 5 fpe  so when she has finished with it .you can use it for bopping rats or pigeon dispatch in the hide  

I put a scope on mine but they are still great with the adjustable opens provided 


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