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Corsa v white van man

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Out in the car this morning following a van.Oncoming boy race turning right decides it's a good idea to cut the junction to save having to wait for white van man and myself to pass.However boyracer didn't count on Green Mazda approaching junction.So had to take avoiding action and straight line in into the hedge.

Young men and motors,dont ya just love'em.


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6 minutes ago, TIGHTCHOKE said:

You didn't stop then?

He reversed out of the hedge minus his bumper and drove off lol (rear dashcam recorded that but not wifi so a chew to download.Plus I had a coffee and cake appointment to keep at my favourite cafe.

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While that might have been a young man in he's motor,I in my experience, having driven professionally for the last 10 years or so older drivers are as bad if not worse. Our trip down the A12 and M25 reminded me off that.

For example the woman in her id say mid to late 60's sat on her phone while we was on our way home.

Edit, while I remember, heading down to the roundabout outside lakeside, there was a police car pulled up on our near side, and behind that a hire van which had actually been driven right up the bank and was resting in the hedge, that gave us a few giggles.

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