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Everlasting clay pigeons !


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We had one around 1960, cast aluminium, but the same profile as a normal clay target, not the rounded shape shown in the OP's photo.   Gave quite a piercing sound when hit, and I don't recall any signs of damage from the shot (fairly soft lead in those days).    Very good exercise for me, because dad did most of the shooting, while I launched the target from a "Bisley" hand flinger and then ran to pick it up afterwards.    There would have been less running if we had had a box of ten, but I think those targets were fairly expensive in their day.

Something I was once told about, but have never seen, was a target moulded from very hard black rubber.   I believe the idea was that you might slip a few of these into the trap as a joke, so that a conceited shooter might be cut down to size when a lot of targets flew on unscathed.

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