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Triple for the combi....

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Had a good day yesterday, .308/12g Marrochi Finn Classic 512 combi gun. Im pretty impressed with the gun and yet to compleat a 'double barrel challenge' ie deer and a gamebird.

Zeroed it last week with fed.fusion 150gnS.P. 1/2" high@100yds (old school) All 3 Dropped on the spot, boiler room shot. Got some work to do nowūüėÉ


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53 minutes ago, NoBodyImportant said:


But it looks very much like a Tikka/valmet

Quite correct sir, they were bought out by Beretta  group and marketed as Marocchi. Finn classic is a nod to it's heritage. Still need to have some range time to see if 12g.solid slug fires to same point of aim as rifle barrel.

Scope is a cheap lit ring reticule from visionking 1.5 -6 x 40 but I have to say it has been great so far..

Looking for a set of barrels 12/12 for it and maybe some nicer wood?

Trigger is too heavy for v.accurate rifle shooting but I can get a 2" group @100yds. which is fine for my permissions.

Single trigger, auto safety, barrel selection is button on trigger.

Flip up rear sight.



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Handy guns but I have to ask the point of shooting slug in the shotgun barrel ?????  Hah!! Yes, you may be on a driven boar day and then the two barrels can do the same job. I was thinking having a walk around our woodland and hare, grey squirrel or even a pheasant happened to present itself, so having the gun set on the shotgun barrel would be sensible, then easy to change to rifle should venison show up.

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