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out shooting on rape yesterday shot one. put it out with my decoys, not many came back for while so thought i would walk a cross the field to  another perm.where there is a pond see if any ducks were on it.gone for half an hour came back and the real pigeon had gone, so was it a fox or what.no buzzards about.

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I've had buzzards often try and take real birds. Have a video somewere of one tickling the back of a fake floater one sunny afternoon about 8 yards in front of me. I mean tickling it as well, slower than walking pace just over the bird with its claws out. Even had some kind of hawk, bigger than a sparrow hawk and not too sure what it was (poss peregine but can't be certain), nail on one the ground that had fallen someway out of the pattern.  I let it sit for a bit before clapping it off. It tried to fly off with the pigeon. If I had shot it with steel I'd have let it eat the bird given all the effort he put in. 

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