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Hello all just joined the forum and look forward to engaging and being part of it, i am a casual shooter mainly back garden and a local 75 mtr range.

Current air rifle is a BSA R10 MK2 VC .22, with Huma reg,



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56 minutes ago, BONDOS75 said:

The range is an outdoor one in a wooded area so plenty of Squirrels to be had amongst the knockdowns .. all with the owners blessing too as he hates the things :good:

Your in good company then 👏👏

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17 hours ago, figgy said:

How long has mice had his before he broke it ? 😋


36 minutes ago, bruno22rf said:

Can someone give figgy a large spoon.

Its normally me that stirs the pot, and the answer is about 150 shots, or two air fills.

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Mice knows I'm only kidding 👍 all a bit of good humoured craic.

I used to like BSA rifles, probs still would if I tried one. A well sorted one.

To the op you joined a good forum with very helpful folk.

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12 minutes ago, BONDOS75 said:

First squirrel of the year this afternoon out of the tree dropped like stone , was unable to retrieve it due to terrain ... can I still claim it!!

Claim away, we are a trusting lot.

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