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1 hour ago, super sharp shooter said:

Let’s hope we’re ok to meet up due to the government restrictions. 

I think Sparkies putting out some markers to keep the required social distance, 100 meters apart i think thats what he said. LOL 

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right just spoken to mark.

they are working frantically on the range and targets. so far all backstops have been sorted from 100 to 1000yrds

they suspect they are not going to have the cabins in in time but are hoping to have everything in place and complete for early july. That doesn't mean we cant shoot it just means we may have to rough it lol.

I've got to call marc next thurs to get an update and see if it can go ahead.

scotlands behind with the distancing shizzle and sturgeon is dragging her feet.


anybody else wanting to join us pm me.




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i dont want to put a downer on the weekend but,,,,,,,,,


i would be VERY carefull travelling to Scotland , it's basically a no go at the moment with this corona ****,


local lads  are only going shooting up there if there perms are within a 5 mile radius , 

I stalk a bit further north than eskdalemuir , and it's a big no till wee crankie lifts the restrictions ,


local cops /  FLOs  will prosecute if an out of towner who is a non resident decides to go on a Mooch north of the border,


do so at your own risk and of that of your FAC, it's big news at the moment , till hill , Fountain and SNH etc have all stopped shooting activities on there land . Can you guarantee the social distancing etc 


have  a long hard think about it , I wouldn't take anybodies word/ interpretation of the Scottish guidelines 


apart from the Scottish government 


hopefully restrictions  will be lifted in phase 2 and 3 etc and hopefully in time for the weekend 



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waiting on the nod from marc and the gov that were aloud. if we cant then will have to cancel and either rebook or refund. down to you guys. got to speak to him thurs after the next lot of announcements.


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Being quite frank and without beating round the bush i think we should  cancel this year. I doubt Mark will have any issues with that under the circumstances.


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So then.. I spoke to marc today as I said I would and they have had more news yesterday. They cannot do anything until phase 3 starts which has been announced as 15th july. So the weekend has been cancelled. He has said if I want to book a later date that's fine so down to you guys. If you want to book later in year or get refund let me know. Via here or PM. I'll send a message to all later tonight. 

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Sparkie, can you find out what is behind the target points, if you cant see splash of any find it can be quite pointless, all you end up doing is firing "aimlessly" in the general direction. You know last time we ended up shooting into the brook course and at the large rock due to having no idea of where we were going. 

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9 minutes ago, SPARKIE said:

they have sand backstops now built up john... the range looks far better than the last place.

That sounds brill, hope i wasnt sounding like a winge bag. It was funny last time, i was having good hits on 18" target at 900 being able to correct with seeing the splash on the slate bank but lost it at 1k with grass behind. Just need to check i can get cover at work when i get in Monday¬†ūüĎć

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