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I shot this handsome chap on Saturday just wondered if anyone has seen one like him?sorry the picture isn’t great but his markings and tail are all as they should be just light brown like a hen and his head is the colour of a normal cock pheasant 


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54 minutes ago, TIGHTCHOKE said:

LGBGT pheasant?

Ooh good point! Probably shouldn’t label it a cock or hen, just Pheasant 

43 minutes ago, JDog said:

The colouration is not unusual for a hermaphrodite pheasant. What is unusual is that you managed to shoot it.

Haha! I was rather pleased with myself, but even more so that I managed to upload the picture!

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I once was on a driven day and as it was end of season even white pheasants were to be shot. At the end of the day the keeper even managed to brace up a melanistic cock with a white hen. Which I took home. Neither tasted any different to a normal plumage cock or hen.

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