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Broadcast not drilling

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Been to one farm today & spoke to another, both of 5them deciding to broadcast in next couple of days as ground too wet to drill but don't want to wait any longer. Surely all that seed sat on top will draw some birds in, I'll be keeping close eye.

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23 minutes ago, ditchman said:

am i right in thinking it will be broardcast ....then harrowed in ?

Yeah he said they will attempt to cultivate as lightly as possible, in his words "to make the best of a bad job"

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18 hours ago, BenBhoy said:

Checked yesterday & today: not a bird in sight. Seed visible on the surface but nothing showing any interest, weird.

Have you got pigeons in your area ? , one of the problems this time of the year is now that the game season is over a lot of the cover crops will be flattened , the best one from a pigeon shooters point of view is the Maize plots , we have had very little cold weather this winter for the Rooks and Pigeons to eat it while the crop is standing and the shoots were in progress , so there will be plenty of cobs lying about , these will most likely be inviting than your seed beds .

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