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SSD issues


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Hi All

 My laptops SSD has given up. After sometimes starting up it got less and less over a week and then asked for the bitlocker code and after it was inputted it would restart.

 Laptop has been in and had a new one put in and its fine but they tried to get data off the old one unsuccessfully. 

 Is there any company that could possibly get the data off as I am not sure they had the best equitment to hand being a small shop.

    TIA Herb

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If it is a sata style 2.5 inch drive, I put my old one in a ssd case which connects to usb 3 port.

You can then try and access it, however bitlocker may not run....(did the computer shop have your bitlocker key?), otherwise, reinstall original drive to your laptop, put new drive in case, boot up old drive if it can with bitlocker key and then copy files onto external drive, then put new drive back into computer

If a M.2 you can also get caddys to fit, and do the same above.

Caddys cost £8 to £10 from a certain auction website.

It's not difficult and  changing out ssd is normally straight forward but keep yourself grounded to avoid any static issues, thin copper wire to an earth point..


Have a look online for drive changes on youtube for your model computer, normally screws in laptop case on bottom and up to 6 screws on drive, drives then just pull out (M.2 may have a tab to release) and change over, if you can wire a plug, you can change drive out.




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I save all my photos and files on my laptop to a flash drive. If the laptop files are lost for any reason you have them on the flash drive to load to a new laptop. I started doing this when a previous laptop started not wanting to boot up. OH managed to get it going one last time for me to copy my files before it finally died.

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Regrettably if the SSD drive has failed then there is very little chance to recover the old data.  As suggested you could put it in a caddy and connect it via USB and you might get lucky in it working sufficiently long enough to get your data back, but you will need your bitlocker key.

I’m afraid you are more than likely going to have to resign yourself to that data being lost and going forward invest in a backup service for things that are important, many ISPs offer cloud based backup as part of your broadband deal, but even if they don’t subscribing to one is cheap as chips.  You can get 100Gb of cloud storage free from Zoho for example.

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1 hour ago, peck said:

I thought SSD drives were supposed to last for almost ever.

They do unless a component or the onboard instruction set becomes corrupted.  Like all electronics there is always a potential for a failure, but it is an order of magnitude less than the failure rate on a standard HDD.

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