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Well today was my first solo day out.

I turned up to the farm and had a drive around looking for some birds, the whole farm has paved roads due to wind turbines being installed so it’s easy to get around. Lucky me.

I found about 200 hanging about in some trees and farm buildings. As I approached they all took flight and split in to two groups. I set up in the field which had the best cover for a hide and placed my decoys out.

To my surprise as some started to return they headed straight in for the decoys bagging me 3 in the first 10 minutes of being set up, I thought bloody hell how lucky is this............then no sign of anything apart from seagulls for an hour. I jumped in the car and had another drive about they had all congregated in a field the other side of the buildings to where I had set up. 

I packed up and headed over for them. 

Set up and bagged another 2.

Then they all ****** off to where I was originally........

I packed up for the day but went looking for them finding them on a very far field that was drilled the other day. They seem to all now be there so tomorrow that is where I will be setting up. However I will struggle with a hide as there isn’t much of a hedgerow.

A drone also flew over me which was odd.

It was nice to be outside and tomorrow I hope for a bit more success.

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Well done and thanks for the report. You might do better tomorrow if the wind picks up, it can help stir the birds up and muffle the shot sound. A telegraph pole or any similar structure can be suitable to build a hide against, you don't always need a hedge.

Good luck.

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You will learn a lot by your own mistakes , we might not make as many, but we still make some , we often think the grass is greener on another field when things are slow , so we up sticks and move to a new location , then after a couple of hours of zero activity we begin to wonder if it had been better if we had stayed where we were.

The first thing to look for is the obvious , Pigeons , if you have got Pigeons working on your field then you are off to a good start , then take advantage of the wind direction ,flight lines and hide position .

If you have got a field where Pigeons are passing , or going from A to B , then have a look at Archie Coates book on Pigeon shooting , in it is a chapter called Advanced Decoying , this might give you some tips to try when Pigeons are ignoring your decoys , you might not get any more Pigeons , but it help to pass the time when you are trying to bring a Pigeon in range that is heading somewhere entirely different . GOOD LUCK 

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