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So this often pops into my head and I have searched before without success.

I watched it years ago and it was about a "Big Shot" business man coming into a small town and basically being a womanizer.

It was set in what looked like 1940's/50's America. What I recall is the man in question came into the town and got out of his car and met a married woman and she stopped and he basically took liberties with her but she pushed him away.

The wealthy man then proceeded to womanise his way around the town with the other married woman. The first woman began to regret the fact that she didn't go along with it and basically started throwing herself at the man but he showed no interest. It basically drove her insane in the end up!

Any film buffs on here that can give me the name of the film?

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Just googled them two films lads and it's neither of them!

I don't know any of the actors or actress's names ect..unfortunately.

The female actress had dark longish hair and I can see her in my minds eye.

I may not be correct in the era that the film was set. I do remember the man was wearing a Panama or Fedora hat and a suit. I recall the woman near the end of the film breaking down and pleading why as to why he didn't want her.

I watched it possibly 20yrs ago!

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5 hours ago, Centrepin said:

Is it this one?



No that's not it!

I scrolled that IMBd site but no Joy either.

It wasn't an old B&W film but a coloured film possibly made around the late 80's mid 90's. It was set early though.

The lady actress is a known face but I can't put a name to her.

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15 hours ago, Rewulf said:

Highly unlikely Betty Davis would be in a film from the 80s or 90s of the type you mention. 

One 'old' film that sort of fits the bill is Don Johnson's, The hot spot, from 1990? 

Good shout! But no that's not either.

I appreciate that it is a big ask without actors/actress's names ect..!

I might never get it but possibly some day it might just happen to be on the box.

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