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Why does my telly?

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On 13/02/2020 at 12:20, semi-auto said:

Hi Harrycatcat1,

I too have problems with my programme guide, in as much as it only displays the current programme and the next. I contacted Panasonic, who simply said that my TV was an old model and can no longer read the signal. Strange as my Panasonic DVD recorder (bought at the same time) still shows the full range of programmes.  It's a real nuisance, but as the TV works fine otherwise, I am reluctant to splash the cash on a new model. 

Mines an LG and about 7 years old but as you say I am not going to buy a new telly when it still works some of the time 🤣👍

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On 13/02/2020 at 10:10, oldypigeonpopper said:

hello, talking of TVs, there is a disused antenna  Dish on the side of the building and a few years back i bought some gadget from Aldi to connect up without the need to get Sky, anyone know what these are called, oh i gave it away to a family with a disabled son, but there must be similar products, i use to get 100s of channels, cheers

I use freesat through a satellite dish as we cannot get tv signal where we are. 
the dish was up from an old sky install and when we stopped that we got a humax box with record function. 
it’s basically freeview but also has the on demand built in which is handy. We did use sky for the freesat but it was difficult to navigate the menu as it showed you everything and not a lot was free. 

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