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AL391 20b Gas Piston

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I went roost shooting on Saturday afternoon, after a dozen or so shots I had a failure to cycle with the bolt stuck half way between rearward and battery. After I cleared the mag tube of the other two shells I tried some gentle coaxing of the bolt to no avail. I packed up and when I got home pulled the forend off, at which point a piece of metal fell onto the dining table 😳 followed by a second piece as i eased the barrel and push rod forward. Close inspection of the piston revealed two broken ears. Que much panic from me as to how I’d get another one, a quick internet search later revealed its not an uncommon fault on early 391s to the point that the piston was redesigned, they’re held in stock in the Beretta e store and a new one arrived this morning.

Has anyone else had a similar issue with a 391?

ive fitted the new piston and hopefully normal service will resume this weekend. 


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