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How the tide ebbs and flows!

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In the absence of anything, went back to the bean field again today. They were building up yesterday, so what the heck, at least it will keep the farmer happy.

I knew I would have to move my hide location and that they would be jumpy after Tuesday's hammering. So Matt took me to a deep ditch (then had to leave) and I built a tiny hide, with roof in the wet (4in water) bottom. With the roof I was well out of sight but could pop up when the time came, like putting on a poncho. Good backdrop from the field behind. The hide gave me grief all day, snagged stuff, fell in and made reloading in hurry impossible but I was well hidden!! At 1st, I was in the driving seat,100% hidden, birds decoying well. There was no wind early on, so I got caught out a few times when they came from behind and saw me get up but with no wind they could do little in the way of taking evasive action in time. Ist little group, L&R (well U&O), the 1st box of No 6's put 22 in the decoy pattern!!

Then the tide ebbed a bit. As the sun rose, it shone into my prison and they could see me better. The wind got up, which was great as they moved about more but evasive action became much more effective.

The larger flocks would not decoy well, small groups did at 1st but later on got very fussy, any dead bird in a funny position and ….gone! I lost count of how many times I climbed out of the ditch to clean up.

So the shots got more speculative and the hit ratio went down.

Plugged away and picked up 75 for 120 shots

Good ratio and another great day's sport!!


The Old Seadog Kitchrat

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In my eyes it was a very respectable average , 22 out of your first box would had pleased me and most of the PW massive , then finishing the day on 75 put you well up the leader board with the recent results that have been posted .

Well done on your bag and for another fine write up .

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A good report. 22 out of 25 was excellent. However, 75 for 120 is still very good going and well below what Archie Coats would call 'half price' namely one for two shots.

As JDog rightly said, it's best not to get too concerned about averages as next time out things might just be different and the pigeons may have the upper hand.

Good day in anyone's books.

Thanks for posting.


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