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2005 Defender TD5 clutch issue then lack of power

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Hi all, clutch pedal went spongy and gear changes a bit clunky, checked clutch fluid it had dropped but still some in so topped up to correct level, no visable leak around master cylinder or slave as far as I can see. Dropped it off yesterday at a local gearbox specialist who as far as I can see just clamped off pipe to slave to check master, then came up with it would need gearbox off and it could be rod coupling to fork in clutch that has worn. They didn't charge for this and said they were waiting for a price for parts, anyway went out today as it still drives ok, pulled onto a main road and struggled to get up to 50 with foot flat down seems like turbo not kicking in. Went home checked round turbo can,t find anything amiss with pipes or see were they had removed anything, don,t know if it's a coincence or another one to sort. Any ideas welcome as booked in next Thursday at an independent landrover workshop.

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The TD5 has so many electrics it can often go into limp mode.

I had an auto, so obviously different but any problems at all I had two green lights flash on the dash and into limp it went. If it does it again, turn off, remove key, this is important as the brain knows the key is in, wait 5 minutes and try again.  It 'should' clear it. The fault code remains in the brain to be downloaded later. I'm sure I have the Haynes manual in the garage if it'll help at all.

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