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Week 3

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At 2:25pm, with my weatherstation showing a wind speed of 25.7mph in a SSW bearing and gusts up to force 7 (32-38mph) also known as a 'moderate gale', I flipped a coin to see whether it was too dangerous to go out this afternoon. The dog was having none of it and dragged me to the back door, decision made it was on. 

I would be going solo today, father under house arrest due to a change in direction of the petticoat government, I felt the heavy burden of expectation on my shoulders to keep up the good work we had been undertaking in recent weeks. Under strict instructions to stay out of the neighbouring wood as the boss man was out and about and he wanted the prime spot. Fair enough I thought, hopefully he will keep the birds on the go and put a few more my way. 

I arrived shortly before 3, and made my way gingerly through the newly fallen trees and branches to my usual spot. With the trusty auto loaded up I turned my eyes skywards and waited for my first shot. It didn't take long before I emptied my 3 shots into a flock of 8-10 pigeons flying with the wind, the cartridge contents discharging  hopelessly behind the birds which more resembled pigeon shaped missiles than actual pigeons.

Whilst the roar around me grew ever louder, the trees performed acrobatic feats and strained their roots to breaking point, I wondered what I was doing standing in this rain saturated wood. Time to pack up, barely 10 minutes after arriving. It was madness to stay, although on my walk back to the car I could hear braver souls than me still having a few shots. A quick text to let the keeper know I'd had enough, I made my way home with my tail between my legs, dodging wind blown debris in the road. 

To add insult to injury, the Mrs had gone shopping, leaving me locked out, sitting on the driveway with nothing but the radio and a Phillips road map for entertainment. She's just come back now, I think I need a cuppa. Thoughts turn to next week and hopes of better weather. 

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At least you had good intentions by venturing out in the first place. Probably the right decision to pack in when you did though.

How about being a bit kinder to the wife and then perhaps she would then let you have your own key :lol:


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