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Who owns it?!

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Basically asking how you guys find out who owns land or woodlands? 

Obviously it looks more professional if you know someones name before knocking on the door or contacting them. Instead of of just "are you the owner of...." 

Question is how do you find out who owns certain land or indeed woodlands adjoining fields etc? 

Land registry is a fortune!, does anyone else have any other ways? I'm keen to find out 


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Unless you live in an area where the next nearest inhabited building is 5 or more miles away (you don’t give your location) there is always someone who knows who owns what field/s or wood/s, just a case of knocking on the door and asking the question but make sure you give detailed location, not just ‘the field down the road’

Don’t think I have ever failed to find out who owns a field and their name and address.

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I tried this with an old abandoned house, it was owned by two brothers that had a fall out and it was left to rot. Nobody new anything or how long it had been empty and as far as I know its just sat awaiting a storm to take the roof off. There's a small garden with 6 apple trees in it.. I've raided these over the last 35 years. 

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