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Well it's done and back together.

Gave it a final little rub with vasaline last night, put it back together and buffed it up this morning. 

I'd like to thank all those for their input on the previous threads regarding this. Made and learnt from a few mistakes along they way but it wouldn't have got to where it was without the tips from you lot. So thank you 👍

Feels slightly bitter sweet after BASC's wonderful announcement this morning. ( Yes I know it's only a little Belgian folder but its my first). I suppose it will make a nice wall hanger one day.





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28 minutes ago, TIGHTCHOKE said:

But you've missed a bit!

You funny man 😂

6 minutes ago, logunator said:

nice bit of wood that :)

Thank you, I didn't think it would end up so dark around the checkering, for some reason my camera adds a slightly red tinge to the pictures too.


4 minutes ago, Centrepin said:

Looks superb 

Thank you 👍

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ive been working on a few stocks of late,but yes checkering always ends up darker its because the wood there is rough and it darkens really easy

the stock would be the same if you only used say 240 grade

but i find when sanding walnut or any tight grained hardwood the finer the paper you use,say up to and above 1500 grade you can actually polish the wood with it

pic of one of mine,beech,black stain and truoil(sprayed)


3 - Copy.jpg

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14 minutes ago, TIGHTCHOKE said:

Standard answer I'm afraid, glad it has set!

Me too, I've only used the cheapest products to get this done and can't fault any of them.


14 minutes ago, sam triple said:

nice job ,

Cheers 👍

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