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Simulated game day

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19 hours ago, grrclark said:

It’s not a contest of manliness of bragging rights about what weight of load you could shoot.  Get yourself a couple of slabs of 7.5 21g loads, blast away to your hearts content at the sim day and you arms will tire before your shoulder or cheek do.

Whatever is left use over decoys at 30yds through a half choke and the pigeons will still drop stone dead.

Make it as fun for yourself as you can, poach your neighbours targets, in fact poach 3 pegs down if you can as there will be plenty targets in the sky for them to do it back to you.

Perazzishot has done more than one sim day when i’ve been organising rather than booming and he giggled like a bairn at some of the outrageous poaching he did, mind you he was shooting against a group of part time women 😜😜😜

Shhhhhhhhhh still makes giggle, when they kept looking round :shoot::innocent:

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