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BSA Ultra shot count

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On ‎15‎/‎03‎/‎2020 at 21:32, Ultrastu said:

Right so its the older mmc model with the front push button cocking system ?

These tend to run At lower pressures than the newer se models and hence lower shot count .

If you put a longer air tube on it ,its likely that it will foul your silencer on the barrel. 

Also i dont know anyone doing longer air tubes now .they were very popular a few year ago .but less so now .

Thats not to say  they cant be found .


U still havent said what energy u would like it to run at  ?

Airtech air rifles are still doing replacement tubes in steel or titanium. Like Ultrastu says, you will probably end up fouling the silencer unless you fit a barrel extension (1/2" UNF thread) or go for a skinny silencer of some sort (Parker Hale I think was recommended by XTX?)

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