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Go on tell me i am stupid BUT!.

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Just after 7AM. on way back from dropping  the Lad off at work decided i would get filled up with diesel .   Went  in to pay for it and Bang.:oops:"is that your car" "Yep"

  Yes my car"08 Volvo XC70 ". Old chap in Honda  CRV had run into the rear NS door .:rolleyes:All we need. 

  Old guy looks terrified "Is this you car"   I explained it was, looked at the damage , it was not pretty. But the old chap was getting his self way too emotional his wife was whitening away from the Honda. "why am i here i thought"..  He has his wallet out shaking like a leaf. I says look just calm down its a car no ones hurt you just misjudged it. " Put you wallet away. ".   I told him i would sort it out, and he is to just get the fuel in his car. its just one of those things. Lad in a Little van looked like a carp fisherman came over, "fair play to you mate he says"  I am like "Well did you see the state he was in mortified".

Old guy comes back they get on their way. Wave them both off.

Stood looked at the old warhorse :oops:. AH! Well.

OK its a scrape and will need some work for me to put it right, but its not mint and its, like this. I just could not bring myself to put that old couple through it, she was whittering away he was stressed, but seemed just too upset , like overly upset to me.

I just walked past it with the dogs, "what have i done". but they were just old folks genuine. I had to see them go away with just the minimum of fuss.  Am i too soft hearted or what.?


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3 minutes ago, panoma1 said:

Wouldn’t the world be a nicer place if everyone treated others thus? But sadly, for the most part, they don’t and it ain’t!........But we’ll done to you! :good:

Yes, I think that sums it up quite well!

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Your making me feel better about myself now. :lol:

 I was telling the wife i am going to get the door card off see if i can knock it out and fill it. but its not that obvious. Wife just burst out laughing. Came out with. " you wont touch it, it will be like that bathroom cabinet, we changed the entire bathroom before you got around to fitting  it.  ".

Probably right , in fact i am going off the idea if ripping the door card off already. :lol:

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Yes you did the right thing, there are some out there who would have taken him to the cleaners over that. Milked it for all they could get

The only sad problem from the old boy's point of view is that little unexplained bumps like that can be a sign that he shouldn't really be driving. My mother started like that, scraping posts and clipping cars in car parks. It comes to us all eventually.

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2 minutes ago, Vince Green said:

Yes you did the right thing, there are some out there who would have taken him to the cleaners over that. Milked it for all they could get

The only sad problem from the old boy's point of view is that little unexplained bumps like that can be a sign that he shouldn't really be driving. My mother started like that, scraping posts and clipping cars in car parks. It comes to us all eventually.

I did think about that, but he was all there just seemed like too upset, his wife seemed like she was a bit ditherer though. i think, the chap had his hands full.

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3 hours ago, WalkedUp said:

I did that once with a young lad who pulled into the side of my car. Got a letter from his insurance a few weeks later saying it was my fault!!! Never again 

I have had similar several times with our company vehicles. Back then we used to give the drivers a single use disposable camera (remember them?) to keep in the glove box and tell them to always take lots of photos.

Often just the act of taking the photos was enough to prevent anybody trying it on later

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They looked like that because they had no driving licence, no insurance, 1000 lead shot cartridges in the boot and had Coronavirus lol

Your all hart , a true gentleman in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

think I would have at least taken a few pictures which included their reg number.



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Goodness, you lot make it sound like making a claim on someone else’s car insurance when they’ve had an accident is the wrong thing to do 😬


A nice kind thing to do from the OP. I wonder though if it was his nice new car and the damage going to be several thousand of ££‘S if you’d still consider being so forgiving. 


Nothing wrong with calming down the old fella and being nice and polite, but at the end of the day that’s why we have insurance. For things like this. Not like he had to pay it out of his own pocket. 


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Once returned to my car to find a note stuck under my wiper from a young women saying she had bumped my car and saying she would pay. 

I rang her and she was nearly crying over it, the bump was a black scuff on my wheel arch. I thanked her for being so honest and not to worry. 

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I had someone reverse out of a car parking space into the side of my old battle bus. 
caught the wheel arch and bumper. 

They offered their insurance. 
you can see the damage if you look but it sort of mingles in with a 18 year old car that you drive across fields and such  
I decided that it was a genuine error and they would probably write my car off and even though it wasn’t my fault the inevitable increase in premiums wasn’t worth the agro. 

we both went on our way. 

the cost of a new exhaust end section that he bent on his 4x4 along with the chrome trim would have probably been more than my car. 

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good for you ,the thought of  constant" you've been in an accident" calls for the next 3 years would of had me doin the same on my old terrano bus.

had a guy in a posh merc sports car overtake in a 30 and drove into the front wheel of me maxus van  as i turned right into a carpark.

some insurance cock rang me up told me i was" self medicating" and that the couple of grand i was entitled too  would be handy as xmas was closing fast !

told him to do one as no one was hurt as it was all at very slow speed.

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No. I disagree with most here. Far from "doing the right thing" I think you've done the wrong thing.

You should have reported it at the very least and left it to the police (and your own and his insurance company) to decide if it merited further action. Even if you yourself didn't want to pursue a claim.

He may well unfortunately have done this before and may well have been on a "final warning" from either the police or from his insurance company. 

Yes you don't need to make a claim but legally as you vehicle has been involved in an accident (even though you were not in it) you MUST report it to your insurers. If you don't you've breached their terms and conditions. They could if they subsequently find out walk away. How might they find out? If you have an accident and an insurance assessor examines your vehicle.

"Oh Mr Lancer...What's this damage here? Is this previous damage you've not told us about? If it is damage on the vehicle when you originally bought it we'll now deduct XYZ% for betterment. Thank you. And if it wasn't there? Oh dear that's an accident you failed to tell us about and you've breached your terms and conditions so your policy is void."

This time it was you car. Has there been times previous? Indeed was the old boy mortified as he was in fact driving having had his licence suspended? Or if it wasn't suspended perhaps against his GP's advice? 

Also if the old boy's son or daughter then decides to get involved they can now call the police and allege that you've failed to report an accident.

And then you are in the mire. It's a hard world and having a friend who, forty years ago, had his twenty-two year old sister killed by an elderly driver I've no sympathy.

There's page after page of these stories. Here's one from just last year with the link. The part of the story that is telling is where it says

"Heagren's car had hit a bollard at slow speed minutes before it slammed into the women, Harrow Crown Court was told.


"SOUTH RUISLIP DECEMBER 2019:  An 87-year-old man who killed a woman when he mistook his car's accelerator for the brake has been jailed for 27 months. William Heagren's Ford Fusion slammed into Jeanette Newman, 64, and her friend Sarah Taylor, 53, who suffered life-changing injuries, on May 26, 2018. He continued reversing, carrying the women towards a bollard, which stopped the Ford in its tracks after travelling around 100ft in a Sainsbury's car park in South Ruislip, west London. Ms Newman died in hospital the next day from brain injuries she sustained after hitting her head on the tarmac, while Ms Taylor bore the brunt of the “out of control” vehicle and suffered a stroke."

Next time it could have been a kiddie filling his bicycle up with air from the airline. I'm with some of the other respondents here. And if you then read a local paper to see that, yes, he has at some later time killed someone? How then will you feel?

I'm sorry but it is a harsh world and it's harsher still when an elderly driver kills or injures someone because out of sympathy he/she was allowed to remain behind a wheel when they should no longer have been. 

The next time this old gentleman hits something he didn't see it might just result in a person's death.

In case you still have doubts:





Please. Report it.


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