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Years ago I worked at a wood mill. There was an old grumpy chap that took delight in annoying people at every opportunity. Threats of violence would follow if you didn't stand for it.

On a particularly scortching summer day, the sort of  day where everyone would have their windows open and be in the garden,i overheard a young lad take a call  that was similar to "just dump it on the drive mate,  I'll sort it when I get home". Curious I asked what he had delivered as I knew he didn't have a drive as he lived in a flat. 

" 3 tons of pig manure" was the reply. 

Sure enough the old chap came in the following morning and was going ballistic. He had arrived home to find a massive pile of steaming manure on his drive blocking his access. The neighbour's soon complained about the smell and he had to figure something out. It didn't stop his behaviour but it made it tolerable to picture him shovelling poo in the 30.c heat after a day at work. 

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