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Best Film Quotes

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Mrs Robinson! You are trying to seduce me?  .....The Graduate

Preeeeeety cars!  The Italian Job

You have made a covenant with death and with Hell you are in agreement! You are all going to die!  Zulu

Brandy is for heroes!    Zulu

alright I know I’m gonna loose here. But I’ll be the best *****ng second you have ever seen. Mcvicar

The Mafia? I’ve **** them! The long Good Friday

Ramming speed. Ben Hur

Broadsword calling Danny boy  Where eagles dare

Uh, delighted, Sir Truly delighted. A Bridge Too Far

We haven’t the proper facilities to take you all prisoner! Sorry!  A Bridge Too far

Are you not entertained. Gladiator 

Outstanding! private Pyle! Full metal jacket

I think I need to get out more Oooooooooh wait just remembered.......better stay in and watch a good film! 


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The Italian job, when Michael Caine is picking up his Aston.... 

Garage Manager:
You must have shot an awful lot of tigers, sir.

Charlie Croker:
Yes, I used a machine gun.

Then before they are about to go and do the job...... 

Charlie Croker:
Just remember this - in this country they drive on the wrong side of the road.

Both of them get me every time.

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1st from Lock stock and two smoking barrels

What the **** is that?

Its me Bren gun.

Couldn't you have bought something a bit more practical.

And my second from Airplane...

We need to get this man to a hospital.

Hospital? what is it.

Its a big building with windows and patients but thats not important right now.

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Do you know what nemesis means?                 A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent..................personified in this case by a 'orrible ****.........................................me.

Bricktop, snatch

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'I will show you where the Iron Crosses grow"

It's been interesting to look up some of these quotes and find films I've not seen (the magnificent speech from The Great Dictator)  or not even heard of  (The Adventures Of Ford Fairlane) - thanks



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nothing like the smell of napalm in the morning 

frankly my dear I don't give a dam

play it again Sam

if you build it they will come

ill be back

et phone home

he ll regent it to his dying day if he lives that long 

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