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Patience Paid Off

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Drillings are going in all over Northumberland and spreading pigeons far and wide. One of my most productive farms had drilled a big block of 4 fields of beans, last one done on Thursday., with beans spilled all over the headlands.These fields nearly always deliver and I eagerly went to shoot on Saturday. However, it just didn't feel right. The lines were sporadic and I took a chance in leaving it another day, when the wind was to increase. (I went to a clover field on another farm and shot 30) I returned to the bean fields 10am Sunday and there was already 2 distinct lines going into the block. Fortunately, I was able to drive to my chosen spot where both lines crossed and use a hide I'd used many times over the years, sheltered in the hedge from the cold easterly wind at my back. I set up 15 dead birds on cradles in a basic horse shoe and placed the FF5 in the middle of the killing area. I was in the action straight away and it was great to see birds committing a long way out, many skimming the drilling with no hesitation, text book decoying. They came well all day, particularly between 2 -3pm where the Maxus was red hot. I found that I needed to keep the killing area tidy or incoming birds would start to skirt the pattern. Soon as I tidied, they came back in where I wanted them. Frustratingly, I can't say my shooting was great. Many times I killed a bird with the first shot and missed subsequent chances for double and trebles - possibly over excitement! I shot to 4pm and picked 162 with Stan from all around the field. A superb days decoying, Not sure how many more chances we will get to do this. Apologies for the poor pics.




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