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Hi all

i have a seat i made from a heavy duty ironing board. I am looking to upgrade slightly to one of the bespoke hide chairs.

Dose anybody have any experience of them good or bad?? which ones are best??

cheers ZT

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I bought one of these, use it for shooting and fishing. 

Very heavy, very bulky, not easy to transport, BUT.... I can sit in it all day, walk to the car after and I'm not crippled with pain and back ache for days after. Easy to stand from, comfy, warm, highly adjustable and stable.

It straps to a trolley for transport as I can't carry it. 

For me, it's been worth every penny.



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11 hours ago, Lowrie59 said:

I use a seat that drum players use when playing the drums..collapsable  and adjustable and light, eBay for around 20 quid...

You got that idea from JDog !

Or did he get it from you :whistling:

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Sorry I didn't reply...key worker and working shifts..I have used one for a few years and found them a great piece of kit...hope you find it as good as I have as they are cheap to replace if you have a fat **** I have found.


Keep safe and good sport when lock down finishes...🔒🔒🔒

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A disabled chair for sitting in showers or bath works quite well. No back rest but adjustable for height and the tops swivel. They are cheap and can hold some real fatties . Although lightweight they are bulky but no more so than a barrel. 

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