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Decided to cut my own hair.

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22 minutes ago, loriusgarrulus said:

I cut my own hair last week. I have done it for years.

Clipped the poodle this morning too. Different clippers though. The individual dog clipper blades cost more than my clippers. 🙄

I had mine done with my beard trimmer immediately after the dog was trimmed using them, don't mind sharing his fleas. 

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The difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut?


About a fortnight. :)


Cut my own for 40 years or so now. Used to look like a big pile of hair on the floor, now looks more like an old badger has had a minor RTA.

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Looks great, want to lend a dutt for a week.or so.

6 minutes ago, Davyo said:

I'm might have a go at my own Dentistry tomorrow! 

Don't, I have a few times. Also don't try your own surgery. The doctor and dentist look at you funny when you go to get your mistakes out right.

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1 hour ago, ninjaferret said:

Don't use Chemical metal for fillings, apparently its poisonous

If you can get your hands on Fuji 9, then technically your a dentist,according to Bob Mortimer.Check it out.


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