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1 minute ago, Westley said:

Strangely enough, I was about to say you were the man to ask.............................then I spotted it was a MOTOR vehicle  !   😄  

i am well know for derailing and disrupting peoples topics and it is not right i should do it all of the time............

but i was impressed with the Amrok...it was the small enjine version.....really big inside and you can wash it out with a hose....

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We have had 2 x Navarra.   Both have been very reliable and neither have had chassis problems. The previous model was very good, the current one, 67plate, has been ultra reliable apart from one sensor whoich was a warranty fix

The 1st one covered about 100k and the current one is on about 65k.

We will either get the same again or maybe a Ford 


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I was looking at a Pickup last month, And Was thinking hilux. but went in a mates Isuzu D Max and thought it was great. It has some miles on it now hard miles and its been good. Still a toyota hilux fan though, Toyota pickups are very good.

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37 minutes ago, London Best said:

This is Pigeon Watch. 

Now you have posted it you have to post pictures!


3 minutes ago, oldypigeonpopper said:

ANY PICS !!!!!!!:good:


I wish I had pictures but sadly (or joyfully) those moments are kept inside my head only :lol: 

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5 hours ago, London Best said:

I’m 71 and still looking forward to mine!

Never know ... You might open your eyes one moment and find a fit, young woman, straddling you, your chest racing ... if you do ... your probably in A&E and had a heart attack ;) 

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