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Is anyone making titanium wire traces for lure fishing. 

I have made them from wire in the past but always buy titanium if I can. Was wondering if anyone was making them during this lockdown and was wishing to sell a few. I'm that bored I'm sorting my lure collection out ready for the autumn perch season 

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When I was in Germany they used to sell wire on the spool that was as soft and supple as braid. Brilliant stuff, but I've never seen it since.

I usually use Drennen wire and crimps these days for all my traces.

I need to make some up for this coming winter🤔

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8 hours ago, strimmer_13 said:

Not that ive done it, but couldn't we use braid, say 80lb bs? Ignore my ignorance, just I've only caught pike upto double figures. Just. 

Pagans just use heavy duty fluro. But again, pike can and will bite through it. I've never bothered to go down the titanium route; like Centrepin I just used the drennan stuff.

What's the advantage of titanium? I'm guessing it's a strength-diameter ratio?

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hello, i just buy coated wire traces off Aliexpress, packs of 50, then throw away the cheap clips and use some decent ones i buy off ebay, i double up each trace to about 15 inches, single stainless sea hook with no barb, box of small rubber bands keep the sea bait on, 

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For the past 4 years I have been using Savage Gear carbon 49 traces will no bad effects, they are well made reasonably priced and come in a variety of styles and sizes, I mainly fish with the 40cm x 16 kilo traces with stay locked snaps. However, these snaps can be difficult to connect to some lures where the eye is close to the diving vain like the Mouldy's hawk wobbler then I use ordinary egg snaps with a 40 kilo breaking strain.

Thrses traces come in packs of 3 for about £3.80 per pack.

My limited use off titanium traces has not been a proper test but I did cast into some overhanging branches and snapped the trace at a crimp I had not put a lot of pressure on trace at that time and was surprised at the snap, also read on the pike and preditor forum that the crimps slip if you do not get it right.



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