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I understand they are still doing returns as normal so long as your self assessment passes the computer without needing to see a real person, generally the money arrives in my account within three weeks of submission. This year will be slow for me as my accountant is furloughed. 

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Did my return as soon as the Email arrived just a couple of days into the tax year...I'm employed and on PAYE.  Discovered recently if one has a 'permanent work from home employment contract' you can claim £26 a week, so a bit over £1300 a year for expenses without a requirement to show receipts, knowing this I claimed for previous years going back to 2016.  The rebate arrived in my bank account on Wednesday so took a good couple of weeks.  Result!

I have friends who use accountants to do their tax returns and have come to understand it is worth making the effort to understand the process yourself - because there are bunch of things one can get tax relief on that unless the accountant understands your business life intimately/stays on top of the constantly shifting sands of tax allowances will get missed.     

The online self assessment tool HMRC provide is actually pretty neat and operates like a calculator model where you can input the data and if the end result isn't to your liking - i.e. paying too much or too little tax one can go back and double check the values and research available allowances.  Worth the effort for sure.

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