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Lamb Meat Boxes


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Sold quite a lot of these on PW now! On Monday I've sent in another batch of lambs, I will be picking them up next Wednesday for delivery Thursday 7th May.

These are rare-breed Barbados Blackbelly sheep. A slower growing, "unimproved" breed, they are lot leaner than most commercial sheep. A half lamb box weighs around 6kg so it works out around £12/kg, with a half lamb box at £75 and a whole lamb box at £145 including parcelforce delivery to your home. They will be packed with icepacks and wool insulation, to keep them chilled and are cut to the spec below. These lambs are a little smaller than the ones I would usually send, so you may get an extra cut to make up the weight to give an average lamb box weight of 6kg and 12kg for whole.

If you live locally (Trowbridge, Wilts) I can offer non-contact delivery, and save on parcelforce fee etc.

Whole shoulders on bone
Whole legs on bone
Loin Chops (done as Barnsley chops)
Rack french trim
Breast - mince

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5 hours ago, Walker570 said:

Yes, we will have a whole one.  I will pm you details.   Do you have any hoggets later in the year.  I do like them in preference to early lambs.

Ah you will be pleased! These lambs were born mid-April onwards last year, so are almost exactly year old. I agree with you about early lambs... 

People call them different things, but in my book a lamb only becomes a hogget when they push their adult teeth, and none of these have 🙂 but some people take an arbitrary date, but this doesn't take into account when lamb was born... Anyway hope that helps, thanks everyone for orders!! Been blown away but still have some more to sell  🙂

1 hour ago, HunterBen said:

Hi I'd like one whole lamb please.

Thanks Ben 👍 I have your details from last time

52 minutes ago, marmite said:


Brill will reply! Courier no problems 🙂

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19 hours ago, karlbird said:

Can’t recommend Williams lamb boxes enough -the best lamb we have ever had and ordered a few boxes now! I’ll be ready for another next time I think!CAE3C964-005B-423D-8656-B9AEE9242BDB.jpeg.e96469314e61909f9b5615d20f9b4220.jpeg

Thanks @karlbird! Great photo!! BBQed the rack here and it was v good :)

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Just to confirm to everyone, I am picking these lambs up tomorrow morning first thing, and shipping them out same day. They are going Parcelforce24hr, and you should get a text to your phone on the morning of delivery (Thursday) with a 1hr delivery slot.

Many thanks :)


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On 07/05/2020 at 20:54, Mungler said:

Only just seen this thread - did I miss the lamb boat? If I did, no worries, if not can I get two whole lamb boxes please. Ta very.

You did! But there is a new lamb boat setting sail in about 3 weeks! I will put up a new topic closer to the date and will be sure to PM you. 

Loved the updates @JKD @Hamster @Ridgeway Redneck hope you really enjoy your boxes along with everyone else who ordered so many thanks! 😊👍


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