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Some guidance needed

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I play cricket for a club in the summers. We just received a call from our ground's man that they are having a lot of issues with pigeons as thousands of them coming and feeding on the seeds they put out.. The ground itself is a private land and surrounded by railway track and some houses behind tall popular trees on one side. I want to know what permission we need to help the ground's man. 

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Realistically? read  and understand the General Licences relating to that situation, consider the likely Police opinion to shooting considering  the pandemic and your likelihood of losing your ticket if you go ahead?

As always your responsibility when out with a gun.

Simples! 😁

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Thousands of pigeons on grass seed, that’s a new one for me.

The written permission from the correct person, but you may encounter other problems because of the lockdown and the proximity of people, roads and buildings.
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The starting point is that all birds are protected unless otherwise stated and that their control is necessary and covered by any of the General Licenses. You can find them on the BASC website. My reading of the licenses suggest that your problem does not fall within the ambit of any of them. So you will need to find a basis in law as to why you are killing them - should you choose to do so.

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