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New radio for 110 Landrover

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What vintage is the Defender?  A lot of the older ones only had 2 speakers that pointed at your knees, so even the best radio would be drowned out.

Am no car audiophile, but I'd go with a brand you recognise, mech-less unit (i.e. no CD player).

That said, I put the ALDI £40 special in my Disco, which admittedly has such luxuries as sound deadening from the factory, and 4 speakers, and it was perfect.  Even the handsfree/bluetooth streaming of podcasts worked faultlessly.

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Buy a DAB one that has blue tooth connection and also buy a good DAB roof mounted aerial ( £70+ )

DAB online is good for Aerials  

forgot about speakers you can get 4” speakers to replace your existing ones that will be loud enough.

the standard ones probably cost less than  £10 for the pair , match the power of the speakers to the output of the new radio

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My 05 defender had the landrover radio cassette ,took it out to find wires connected to a large square plug  not compatible  to the new unit so needed an adaptor plug  (ebay has them )  but i found , the same male /female plug in engine bay of mini at the scrapper so cut them of the loom and followed the  wiring plan on  old and new radios,worked fine,,,if you only have the two speakers in the front it still may be fitted with the speaker wire to the rear .found the plug for the rear speakers  sticking out of loom under bonnet offside  in front of bulkhead, and by the way with the state of the roads and the defenders hard suspension i never use the cd  but use the usb  stick  

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