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Lure Fishing Soon.


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Definately suffering cabin fever.

All menial, stupid, petty and inane tasks completed to keep the peace.

Now got my fishing head on..

Hopefully out tomorrow on the local cut Lure Fishing.

Not ideal conditions, flat water and a Northerley.

No barge traffic so water gin clear which means maximum diagonal casts are the order of the day.

First out the box a  big glidebait, a good flat water lure, cast diagonally very far fished slow with big pauses.

Plan B. Crankbait fished fast as **** mid water.

Plan C.. A Spinnerbait, fast, rod held high occasionally breaking the surface.

Plan D. Bounce jigs off the bottom.

If none of the above work, plan E, which is go home and drink red wine sat between the Ayatollah and the mother in law, who share the same brain, get insulted and insult them.

Day 2, if none of the above worked I will give slow topwater a go. Not a out and out surface lure but a big bouyant crankbait fished on the top then speeded up a bit to take it a wee bit under. When Pike are up for it ths method is shocking.

Day 3. If unsuccessful will get out the light gear, the little jigs out and have a crack at the Perch.


Plan F unķnowingly sell the house  **** off and buy a hut in Alaska and live the rest of my life smiling.




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4 hours ago, pegasus bridge said:

When they’re hitting surface lures there is nothing like it, I had  a couple of sessions  last year banking 6+ fish from dozens of hits, the smaller sg duck and the sg ‘smash tail minnow’ doing the business.

I had my pb pike off a SG suicide duck - the gentlest and most unassuming take off a surface lure I've ever had! It barely made a ripple as she took it. It was a late summer's evening and the light was fading. As I hooked up it felt heavy, but there weren't the usual slamming runs, just solid bulky resistance  As I got her closer I saw what I thought was a white plastic bag over the line, which made sense, given the heavy feel. I got the shock of my life when I realised that the white plastic bag was actually its head and the fish was well over 20lb!

then you get tiny jacks hurling themselves tail clean out of the water after the lures!

Happy days. Nothing beats a late evening blow up on a surface lure. 1 month 3 days until the rivers open. Hurrah!


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2 hours ago, strimmer_13 said:

Ive been reading this with interest, ive never caught anything with a surface lure. Never tried. 

ah well get out there and give it a go! Some great sport to be had, but you're probably best waiting for the river season or trying any nearby canals; a lot of club lakes don't allow pike fishing until 1st October, which is a shame but understandable

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When I first started I missed alot of topwater Pike as was striking to the splash.

I learnt to do nothing till the line tightens, which is easier said than done !

Haven't fished the top for chub for a while but had alot with the Heddon Meadow Mouse and a Manns Minus 1 ( casts like a bullet )

Used to send bits of bread downstream to locate the shoals then stalk to them. Easily spooked.

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