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he’s like a lot of farmers drag the gas gun out drag the gas bottle out hump it all out to the field but whatever you do don’t make a two sec phone call to have someone on the field next morning that would be far to easy lol 

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On 19/05/2020 at 22:35, andrewluke said:

if it's the series i've seen then all the farmer does is firer into the air to scare,no actual shooing of anything

The posh tool bottles it - what a *******


Should hang is head in shame BUT he is a posh (rich) tool who is playing at it --when it goes T*ts up he will call daddy/ mummy for £1 million quid interest  free loan

This is a scam TV. then go back to his 'normal job' as a gay dress designer / rainbow gender fluid ****ole 

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Posted (edited)
8 hours ago, Rob525 said:

Ok.. in the opening scenes I saw some pigeon talk and a gun come out. I diddnt expect to warning shots and it go away 😂 sorry guys!

hello, no worry, some of these are interesting, cant understand why one farm has to sell scrap to go in the budget, i think a lot depends on rented farms or freehold, nothing is mentioned on farm payments?

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Well I’ve not seen this program and by the sounds of it I don’t think I’ll bother.  So I’ll just have to imagine this  character that has been described. He appears to be upper class ,I presume educated, but dislikes phones,on the other hand he doesn’t mind a bit of graft. He’s obviously aware of the current general licence stipulation, but he may or may not be gay and also have a career as a designer of women’s clothing,and likes rainbows(who doesn’t). Oh and he’s partial to weighing in a bit of scrap. He sounds like no farmer I’ve ever met!!!

What a guy! perhaps I will watch it! What’s it called again?😀

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