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Browning 525 3/12” Game Over and Under

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Hi all,

Ive just purchased a new 3 1/2” Browning  525 Game 30” .

because of social distancing I brought the gun via RFD to my local RFD so didn’t look at it first but first impressions are good.

Although RH And almost straight stocked my intention was to swap the stock and fore end wood from my LH 2017 sporter,  use the one gun for everything.

Both guns are 30”, but too my surprise the Game felt heavier which I put down to balance and maybe the density of the wood. 
The barrels definitely seem heavier on the game (not confirmed but will get weighed).

Also the wood on the fore end from my sporter will not fit over the new barrels of the 3 1/2” which seems as if the barrels could be slightly beefed up. I was under the impression these were altered Original 3” game guns which were Bored for 31/2” cartridges re proofed and engraving changed. The barrels are stamped: 2/3/4”, 3” and 31/2”  and 23/4 and 3” on the sporter so does look like like they have had addition stamp of 31/2” on them.

My RFD contacted Browning who said they were not making a 31/2” but I registered my warranty on line and was accepted so not sure what’s going on.

so if anyone has any info it would be fearfully received as I’m very curious.

Many thanks




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