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Trained gun dog price's

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Having a rattle with someone today and it got around to how much my dog would cost to replace. I hadn't got a clue apart from to me he is priceless. So using my dog as an example 3 year's old well bred Springer and without being too big headed very well trained.

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Crikey its sounds like a lot of money but when put into context as Walked up said many many hour's training it's not that much..

1 minute ago, washerboy said:

Trained border collies come into tens of thousands. 



But is that for the very best of dog's that has won trial's.

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4 minutes ago, B725 said:

If we put aside ftch dog's as I understand they will fetch premium price's would trained Labs be similar money?

Christ no, I’ve a mate who sells labs to Europe for £10k+! And that’s for the average ones!


Hang on, I’m missing a trick here 😂😂

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Time and effort is money 

I'm sure not many lads on here would put a price on their dogs head. Even if someone said 2k for your 2 year old spaniel would you sell it and buy another pup? 

I've only ever been offered money for a dog, it was a pup I bred out of two terriers with at the time people wrongly thought had excellent blood lines. I always sold the pup I didn't keep for £150 this was 20 yrs ago and truthfully it was more then I thought the pups where worth but the market value at the time was about that and it stopped messers ringing because they weren't cheap. I had a well known breeder ask me to sell her the one bitch pup from the litter for £400 because she said she sold hers for that. 

I gave the pup away to a family rather then it go there and be bred from. 

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Trial lads (and lasses) will regularly run on several of their best pups to see how they develop at 9,12 or 18 months before picking the best to keep. 


A now mate paid £1200 for a 13 ish month springer out of FTCH x OFTAW, the owner said it couldn't handle the training and was too soft. My mate bought it, left it for a bit and carried on training and it's turned into a cracking dog, probably win a novice next year. The previous owner is kicking himself. 


Mulraven gundogs frequently has dogs advertised for themselves or others, out of top lines, that just aren't up to scratch to win a trial but will make very good shooting dogs. Normally between £2,000 - £3,000 ish. 

They advertised a 2 year old cocker dog just this week, absolutely no faults, they reckon it will trial and probably do well with the right handler, £3,500 no offers. 



If you go to lesser named handlers who want a trial dog and their current batch aren't up to scratch then you can normally pick up a very well bred, and partly trained dog for not a lot more than the price of a pup. They want the dog moved on to a good home where they'll be worked usually, or even a pet home, just a good home who'll look after them well. Normally the home is more important than the money. 

If you go to someone who train's gundogs with the intention of selling them to someone for maximum profit, you're more likely to pay several thousand pound for a dog that's possibly not as well bred :hmm:  although may be just as well if not better trained ... it's a gamble no matter what you do. 

Every year though, people post about part trained or traiend dogs they have paid big money for only for the dog to be very obviously scared of shot or have another serious fault. 



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