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possibly stolen springer spaniel??

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I just looked on their site and I felt sickened. Just looking at some of the pictures and descriptions on the adverts just screams that most of these dogs have been stolen or bought from someone who did steal them. Also seem like they are priced to sell to a certain clientele that have a lot of money and not enough brains or just don't care that they are stolen 

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I want to know what the hell they tried to shave it with. A friggin spoon? When money was tight and I couldn't afford to groom my old cocker I trimmed her myself with some good sharp scissors and taking my time and she never looked bad afterwards. (Apart from that one accidental slice on her back leg when she moved but that's another story!) 

I don't understand how people can be so heartless with dogs. I really think that dog or any kind of pet theft deserves a much stiffer sentence if perpetrators are caught, something along the lines of put in the stocks for a daily boot up the hole along with life in prison.

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always keep an eye on your dog or dogs wherever you are you just don't know who is watching you just  a 2 second snatch it's gone , Weston park [ the midland ] I remember one being snatched there last time it was on , just got to be a bit more streetwise these days , sad isn't it .

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