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Pigeon decoy on cut grass


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Farmer has just cut silage grass the fields are now short just cut last night got me wondering

Hasanyone ever had any luck decoying for Pigeon after the grass fields for silage have been cut.

Are you best putting out crow decoys and only going for the covids which seem to flock down after the cut


Does Pigeon decoys work on the cut grass fields  

Or a mixture of the two with pigeon decoys in a flock then crows about 30 yards apart. With hide in center

Or should you never mix decoys

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i have had mixed sucess with shooting pigeons over silage cut grass.............if you are going to do it ....do it asap after the grass has been cut....after 24 hrs i have found the birds to be uninterested with it after that............

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Yes plenty fly over, and lots land on barn roof...and lots of jackdaws morning and evening 

I have had bags 30 -40 when grass sown and clover coming up just wondering about when it's just been cut will give it a go after work for a few hours


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