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Bad day

la bala

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Hi there

My sons Focus caught fire with all his Christmas presents in it as he was on the M25 some years ago. 

Gallows humour from the Fire Brigade  " It'll be Ok after bit of TCut!"

seriously though it brings the value of life into perspective!

best wishes to them 


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2 hours ago, London Best said:

I think that one in your picture is a factory promotional shot as it seems to have no number plate.

Pity about the colour.......I wonder if it glows in the dark?

The special edition Adventure only came in three colours, the daughter picked that colour.

Capture st land.PNG

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16 hours ago, la bala said:

Daughter and son in law had a bad day today. Restored over ten years, and £1000s spent, all gone in a few minutes.

Capture M Bus.PNG

Know very little about the details of fires in VW buses. but i must admit, i can remember seeing a few of them on fire in the 1970s and 1980s.  could be the confined engine bay cooling and hot days.

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That’s a real shame I have had a few scares mostly with welding up vehicles and learn pretty quick that if you can catch a small fire and get it out then a fire extinguisher is a real saver. 2kg foam is a minimum if your going to do it or 6kg foam is better. Powder is ok but does not get the heat out of what’s burning and the piddly little ones are next to useless on anything larger than a box of matches.

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I had work once try and tell me that if the van, pack full of chemicals went up in smoke I was to use the fire extinguisher in the cab. 

Yeah right. 

Had a few hairy moments with vehicles and fire, my old man had a P100 with a CB in that went up one day, he caught it just in time, ripped it out and slung it straight out the window. I was coming down the a120 in the van and thought I could smell smoke but couldn't see anything, then approaching the Braintree roundabout I could see said smoke 😂 the phone charger had caught light while plugged in, burnt my fingers pulling it out.

People don't realise how quickly a car/Van will be engulfed.


Glad they got out alive and ok though 

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glad no body was hurt, its just another tin box that can be replaced .

bodyshop M8 bought a brand new clio v6 years ago which nearly killed him.it burst into flames  on the motorway causing central locking to close all doors. got out thru smashed windscreen .

burns and damaged lungs. got a fault recall  a month after it happened.

we were convinced his wife was trying to bump him off  :)

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I spent a month on one of those that had been bought after an engine fire, they are notorious for it. The guy had got it as a project and put a new engine, box, wiring, interior etc in. I refinished it and put on some new wheels. He sold it for £12,000!. 

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