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To gain an advantage .Why does Fitasc not allow `gun up`...because its for people who can shoot properly and I guess they wish to maintain standards!

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The issue is that many people now learn with a 12 bore straight away, whereas previously you would have started as a young lad with a garden gun, progressing 410, 28, 20 etc.

If you give someone who has never shot a 12 bore and ask them to shoot a fast moving clay ‘gun down’ you are going to cause some serious bruising after 25 shots. Possibly put them off. I’ll get my mate @worrall26 to send you a picture of his shoulder from a slight mismount, looks like a donkey kicked him and he has been shooting 30+ years. 

As soon as you are comfortable mounting the gun correctly and shooting then you should start to learn ‘gun down’. I can’t believe I’m defending ‘gun up’ as I get so much flack on the clay ground for shooting ‘gun down’ and repeatedly told by the self appointed ‘pros’ that my averages will improve if I shot properly (I.e.pre mounted). I tell them that I don’t really keep count of my averages, I only shoot clays to sharpen my eyes during quiet times of the year so it is more natural for me to shoot ‘gun down’.

Anyway, I fear we may have drifted off topic ...

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On 19/06/2020 at 13:25, Centrepin said:

I always find the delay takes ages and I'm stood waiting.

I prefer to press as normal, it speeds me up, no waiting, less thinking and more action. 

That's just me and I'm sure you'll get your own take on it after 1 stand.

Hit the pairs button whilst you are loading, then do em from the hip  !

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There is a stand at my local straw bale shoot with three traps. I stand a round on the tray, hit the three buttons then try to smash all three with a quick reload. Not managed it yet but shooting from the hip is probably the time saving device that would make it happen. I’ve not seen any signs saying you can’t do it so surely it must be ok 🤣

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I went to Park lodge on Friday afternoon to shoot for the first time since mid/late February.

Thank god the place was virtually deserted so nobody could see how bad I was from lack of practice, but I did start to improve by the end of my session thankfully.

At one point I was considering holding the gun by the pointy end and using it as a club instead :lol:

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