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https://www.dropbox.com/s/egbfqvqjrxethdu/Photo 05-06-2020%2C 18 07 13.jpg?dl=0

With a dodgy forecast for the next few days, I looked at the radar and decided to take my chances this afternoon. A recently drilled maize field had shown some promise, so I was up before 6 to get my meetings sorted and create some space. The field was empty when I arrived around 12 30, but there were several floating about so I took a layer with me and headed out.

The sport was great and although they were decoying well, it was also fun to have them coming backwind out the back of the hide .... 360 degree shooting is something I love about dykes, but they’re taxing on the legs & neck!!

Many showers passed left and right, always associated with an increase in activity ... but when the last one looked to be headed my way, I packed up (17 30).

My old B2000 worked a treat !

One of those days you’re glad you made the effort 👍👍

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Well done, I decoyed for pigeons over peas yesterday, not a shot fired, packed up when it started hailing.

Moved to another perm 1 hour away, to decoy corvids, phone rang looked up, corvids flared away. Swore, it started hailing again, packed up no shots fired.

Just glad someone's getting something.

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To be honest I normally shoot for as long as I can and throw everything in the truck ... but I’d managed to negotiate a rare ‘open ticket’ so had  the time to ‘fanny around’ !!

Glad I went yesterday, despite identical forecasts, today’s awful!!!

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