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Stripping Auto 5 woodwork

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Hi folks,

anyone stripped the woodwork on a Browning Auto 5? What worked or didn’t?

Mine is an early 60s version I think.

Thanks in advance,



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Blackfriars paint & varnish remover does the job, faster than the screwfix stuff and dries off nicely. Ive used both and the Blackfriars was way better. It's Strong smelling and a bit more expensive but does a good job.


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Posted (edited)

Oven cleaner in the spray can worked well for me, I think I did a writeup on here a while ago when I did one of my Auto-5's..

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Here you go, top one was done with oven cleaner, your call if you want to try it I have read various reports of how successful but mine looks fine...



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