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39 minutes ago, Smokersmith said:

Nice work men .. particularly enjoyed 5 30 and 8 10 :yahoo:

Yes, I was pleased with a few shots in there.ย  It is a shame that the gopro is limited in capturing stuff at range. Jules was on fire that day and the film didn't do him justice.

3 hours ago, JDog said:

An excellent demonstration of decoying and your skills.

Thank you for taking the time to make up and post the video.

Very clever editing!

Thanks for the other comments, gents! I welcome them all, positive or negative.

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Great shooting both of you. I loved the low incoming grouse like shots. You made them look easy.

Not sure what setting you use on your go pro but I find the narrow fov setting is the best .

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Another great video to go in your collection, always good viewing.
Real wing shooting, when the birds are not so much dropping into the decoys, but flying over, some of them seemed to be really moving.
It was particularly pleasing to see you using the Hushpower 20ga to such good effect.

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4 hours ago, old'un said:

Nice video and some good shooting, any idea of the number of cartridges used?


No idea, but we shot well under 2 for 1.

24 minutes ago, stockybasher said:

Well done Motty - great post and some good shooting there !!

Hopefully get a few myself in the next few days - same flat lands as you frequent


Plenty around!

6 hours ago, JDog said:

If you want a negative comment you missed one in the tree.

Did I? Damn it!

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