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henry d

Unlock day kayak fishing

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The tide wasn`t too good, but the weather was to be exceptional for late May, so I planned to meet a socially distant friend at stupidly early O`clock, hoping the car park was open and it was, and not a soul there! I was an hour ahead of sluggarbed and had a play with my new trolley which has the big balloon tyres, perfect on the soft dry sand.


Onto the pancake flat water and out to a close in reef for 15-20 minutes while my friend was setting up but nothing to report. Moved a little further out and first drop I was onto a small codling that was just a bit bigger than the shad I was using. I decided to change the set up which was hilarious. As I was drifting backwards changing my rig a pot bouy appeared slowly next to me and I nearly jumped out of my drysuit. This drift I could see fish on the FF which had the appearance of a shoal of mackerel, but dropping my lures down I found it was thick with pollack and an occasional coalfish as they hit my sandeel slugs, shame they were only a pound or so but still a little bit of excitement. Again it had to be the right drift over the mark or there were few fish about, but get the drift right and it was a fish drop after drop, pollack to about 4-5lb and cod up to 3 or 4lb, but mainly smaller stuff were beating the better fish to the lures.

I kept 1 cod, it hit the lure after I had lost something smaller and was dropping it back down, and it had swallowed it down to its gullet so only the head and hookpoint were sticking out of the gullet and everything else was in its belly! I`ve not had a fish take a lure so deeply. I tried using craw lures on a cheb rig to see if any cod were on the crabs but nothing but a few little rattles, probably from undersized codling. The fish I kept had a squat in its belly, so I wasn`t too far off in my thinking, however I had seen some large dense bait balls and I was even seeing small fish, probably cod or pollack fry on the surface, and I think they were concentrating on them.




Looking forward to getting out again soon, just need the weather now.

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Great photos and write up , many thanks, I live on the Norfolk coast and often used to see kayak fishing of Happisburgh and Walcott but sadly I am a bit too old to have a go, just have to make do with Youtube video's , 👍

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