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Out of Lockdown and First Day on the Spring Rape


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Well, what a fortunate chap I am, was asked by farmer to look at a new piece of Land he has in the heart of the Cotswolds that he thinks is going to get hit hard. So Off I jolly well trundled and wow I wasn't disappointed. 6 Large fields, 4 planted with grass and clover and 2 the Spring Rape coming on nicely. As I pulled into the gate, 30 birds lifted to my left and easily another 40 to my right. So 2 days later I was back all geared up, 07;00 for an early start and I sat watching the lines for about 30 minutes picking our spots for the day. Large flocks were coming over 10/15 at a time and very frequently, best I've seen for a long time. I set up with my back to some hay bales and friend set up under a tree off to my left. He had the hot seat as they were using the tree for roosting and dropping in and out for feeding. I struggled to connect in the morning as was using a 12g Mossberg Hushpower, brute of a heavy gun and not really used it much, but a house was 100m away so thought the considerate approach best and not to invite complaints early in the morning! 

We finished the day with 32 picked up and 4 losses, it should have been at least 80/100, but like I say I was struggling for forst couple of hours with the Mossberg, and lack of practice from lockdown hasn't helped...that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it:)

Again, a special fond mention to J-Dog in dispatches who first got me this permission some 6/7 years ago, it's yielded some fantastic shooting....Just don't rush home coz you aint getting it back 😎🤠😂

OSR 01.jpg

OSR 02.jpg

OSR 03.jpg

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Forgot to mention somebody
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Thanks for posting, Lloyd, but perhaps you should have used your new AYA117 then you wouldn`t have all the empties to clear up !!

Sounds like a good day though.


Sorry, got my lines crossed, wrong Lloyd regards the AYA117, but still a good day.

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3 minutes ago, JDog said:

How kind.

That field looks more like a fodder crop for Simon's sheep rather than spring rape. 

Well that's the same pic I sent you Sunday when you said it was Spring rape?!? I did wonder as Simon said he'd Planted for silage.....

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20 minutes ago, lloydi73 said:

Well that's the same pic I sent you Sunday when you said it was Spring rape?!? I did wonder as Simon said he'd Planted for silage.....

An honest mistake from 165 miles away.

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22 hours ago, dead eye alan said:

Nice report, just an observation but that hide stands out like a sore thomb, I would sugest a hesian hide against straw.

They still came in, it's movement that scares them off more than the static hide.....So long as you don't move until the last minute, they come in nicely...Mind you, I forgot my poles and the wind started to pick up, kept lifting it towards the end. Luckily the strings on the front were long enough to reach the strings on the bales to tie back to😝

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Good write up, seems lots more of the PW fraternity are increasingly using moderated guns, never seen as many threads mentioning their use before. I got rid of my 12 gauge full moderated Pedretti as after a few years of use found it too cumbersome. It was mostly used for lamping but now lamp more with the rimmie so the hushpower became surplus.

At least you got on a few and showed willing, great stuff.



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