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A decoying virgin.


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This evening I took out a chap who was so keen to get out decoying for the first time that he drove down from North Yorkshire. 

My banker fields had all been shot by others and all I had to offer was a field of standing rape being used by a handful of pigeons. His shiny new rotary was set up twenty metres out with two dead birds and we settled into our hides 40m apart. His first three shots were at an aggregate distance of 180m so I moved the rotary out to 35m and gave him strict instructions not to fire at any pigeons further out than that.

There was a line but it went elsewhere into standing beans and only a small percentage of the pigeons we saw came to us. My companion learned quickly and shot pretty well considering his growing excitement and we ended up with nineteen pigeons most of which he shot.

How he breaks the news to his wife that he is now addicted (a bit like Jacko) is anyone’s guess.

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